Primus Sinister

Do you see the violence inherent in the system?

Bae’qeshel hit on the mayor and offered up his “services” while the warrior-types drank to excess. Then people flipped out in the streets, and we had to go deal with that. Some idiot locals thought they could be PCs, too, but the bard disabused them of the notion that their assistance was required and/or welcome. Then we beat down the undead that were attacking a boat.

Left turns of the past.
Hindsight is 20/20

Adventure log? You expect me to write stuff???

The party managed to get wrangled into a search for a bone relic that Eve knew was used to raise an old Exarch God named Velsharoon, Lord of the Undead. It was stolen from it’s transport ship by the walking dead. Bloated wrinkly corpses carried much salvage off to a cave on the river bank.

When you turn around, left turns are now right...
Traps Suck

Beat down more undead and some goblins, then fell victim to about half a million traps, because the GM is a jerk. At least he likes minions, so we get to mow them down. And we’re not dead. Except Grughuge. But he got better.

Don't drink the water... There's ghosts in the water
Dysentery or Ectoplasm?

After the GM dicked the players over with traps after traps after traps, the PC’s decided to rest a spell before hitting the next room. They entered a room full of skeletal statues, two of which were already crumbled, and a large fountain filled with stagnant water. Grughuge and Rexcelcior decided it would be fun to see who would drink from the water. WHAT? That’s not right… Wait, I was there, I saw it happen. Grughuge… drank the water. Awakening two Specters within… Who were none too pleased with the disturbance and blasted the party repeatedly with psychic bursts until put to rest.

Another Chick
Balls Deep?

Back in Loudwater, we met with a Razorclaw Shifter who had the PC Glint™, and who was willing to put up with The Bae’qeshel hitting on her. A brief interview followed by a loud, all-night orgy inducted the poor girl into the party. The next day, the five adventurers went back to put the smackdown on the Velsharoonies, or whatever you call those bastards.

Awwww Balls, That Jelly is Made of Dots Candy!?!
So chewy it hurts the teeth!

The adventurers rolled back up to town after the ghost beatings and ran into a Cat-lady by the name of Lumyia… who was proud of her fantastic rack. She had the PC glint in her eye and became fast friends. A quick interview was done of her breasteses by The Bae’qeshel and a full body interview was done later. The next day they ventured back to the damp depths of the dungeon to fight an Ocher Jelly made of chewy candy and some more undead. Only to advance their gnome-icide by putting one more of the little bastards into the ground, thus thwarting the return of some old dead bastard who loves the undead.

Shared Brain Syndrome
Or, "The GM Steals All My Ideas."

Someday one of us will have an original thought, and then the Adventure Logs won’t have overlapping information. This is not that day.


That day is not now...
Read on sucka's

They will read the same thing twice… and they will LIKE it!

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