Primus Sinister

Winter. Unseasonably Mild.

Is That a Breath Weapon or a Refreshing Breeze?

Lady Moonfire told us about a tower belonging to a wizard long dead, and requested that I – we – retrieve some magical tomes from the place. Since we were planning on putting the kibosh on whatever was causing the weather issues anyway – and we’d linked the problems to said same tower – I agreed to do what I could…


She knew what I meant and agreed with a coy smile. Little minx.

So, not wanting to put up with discomfort from the cold, I performed a ritual to protect us form the inconvenient elements. We set off again, though Lumiya had run off on some errand or something. Whatever. She’d already drunk deeply from the well of my lust, and so I knew that she’d be back in due course. Maybe I can get her and Eve of Disaster into a three-way.

Focus, Ryxis.

Right, so we stomped through the forest or whatever section of nature we were in, and we traveled all day, finally taking shelter in the lee of a gigantic fallen tree. Lord Rexcelsior went hunting and we came to his “rescue” when he was assaulted by a pack of wolves. We scarcely needed bother. He all but destroyed the so-called predators on his own.

Next day, we made it to the tower, and wound through the frosty maze out front to beat down the mechanized guardians and gain access. To the side of the foyer, we found a small sitting chamber with the usual – if old and rotting – accoutrement and what appeared to be a frozen fire in the fireplace. Lord Rexcelsior touched the still flame and vanished into thin air. The others followed suit – against my advisement – so I decided I’d best follow to keep the fools from getting themselves killed. And it was good that I did, ‘cos there was a bloody dragon on the other side.

The white went down hard, not a characteristic I like to see in anyone or anything. I think it tried to use its breath weapon on us once or twice, but…we weren’t really feelin’ it, so…whatever. Once dead, its hoard was ripe for plundering, although thinking back…I don’t think we were in the world anymore. Seemed more like…an elemental version of the world. How bizarre.

After we took the portal back to the tower, we were ambushed in the wider entry hall beyond the foyer. Undead or something. Maybe goblins. Who can keep track of all the insignificant bastards you kill to reach your goals? I mean, it’s not like they were stopping to announce their names and backstories before they took a swing, am I right? You’re gods. Damned. Right I am.

S’anyway. We had to rush up the stairs, but once we had it was a matter of time and (their blood). The beatdown commenced in earnest, and then we moved on, leaving their cold corpses behind. I think this may have been where we found the books that Lady Hotpants wanted.

We fought a yeti of some sort on the summit of the tower, which was complicated by the crystal shard at the top continually blasting us with extra cold. I think Grughuge kicked the fucker – a Spirit of Winter – over the edge of the tower to an icy-shattery death on the ground below. Then we made our way back to Lowbrow – or whatever the town was called – and claimed our rewards.

Especially the carnal ones.

She fucked pretty well for a surface elf.

-The Bae’qeshel



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