Primus Sinister

Beer Quest

The Quest for Beer

When we got back to town, people were freaking out. We followed the hubbub back to the Green Tankard Tavern, where we found the halfling owner guy in a heated discussion with The Bae’qeshel’s future ex-girlfriend Lady Moonfire. Not wanting to interrupt, we ordered a round of ale.

The serving wench eyed us forlornly.

“There is no ale,” she said.

That didn’t process for us for a long moment.

“What do you mean?” The Bae’qeshel finally managed.

The wench sighed.

“The caravans have stopped bringing it.”

That lit a fire up under our asses and we walked right over to the proprietor and Lady Moonfire and told them we would get on the bandit problem immediately. They were startled by our sudden exuberance, but not unhappy about it. Lady Moonfire even offered us a cash reward for proof of the deed accomplished. Hardly necessary, as we were already highly motivated.

We gathered a bit of information about the lost caravans from one of the survivors, borrowed some horses, and hit the trail.

Three days later we encountered our first kobolds. We beat them down and took a note off the soon-to-be corpse of one of the little bastards. He insisted that his boss Spiketail was gonna destroy us all. The Bae’qeshel showed him his windpipe and we progressed into the woods, which got too thick for the horses.

We found the smoldering remains of a number of wagons a little deeper in. Damned kobolds were committed to hiding the evidence of their misdeeds. They must have disassembled the damned things on the road and carried the pieces this far and then set them on fire. Bizarre lizard-minded creatures. Also, we got ambushed by a pair of thoroughly lost otyughs. They were mildly annoying, but we dispatched them.

Bloody living plants set upon us next, and we almost lost Lumiya. But that must have stung Lord Rexcelcior’s and Grughuge’s pride, because they turned and brought the pain to the shambling mound that was trying to eat her.

When we found what must have been Spiketail’s heavily wooded lair, we were set upon by his guarding minions, small-ish kobolds with green-tinted scales and decidedly plant-like countenances. Moving on to the next “room” we found another irritating koboldaisy perched atop a ten foot stump. While the warrior types set upon the ground troops, The Bae’qeshel cleverly tricked Stumpy into attacking Eve of Disaster. She really hates being attacked, and to show her displeasure, she blasted Stumpy right off his perch and into Lumiya’s waiting claws.

Before he fell, The Bae’qeshel said, “You might have gotten away with it. You might have succeeded. But you made one mistake. You cut off our booze supply. Now you’ve all gotta die.”



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